Leveraging Technology
How well are you using technology
to cultivate generosity at your church?
Let's Find Out!
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What's your last name? *

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Do you offer electronic giving? *

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Who is your online giving provider? *

Do people have to create an account or "register" to give their FIRST gift through your website? *

Is your website mobile-friendly? *

Do you offer giving through a mobile app? *

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Do you offer text-to-give? *

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Do you offer giving kiosks in your building? *

Who is your giving kiosk provider? *

Where are the kiosks located in your building? *

How have you promoted online giving? *

When was the last time you did a strong communication push regarding electronic giving? *

Do you pass the offering as part of weekly worship services? *

Do you have screens in your worship space? *

What typically appears on the screens during the offering introduction? *

What typically appears on the screen while the offering is passed? *

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